Monday, October 30, 2006


Today, is a bad day. Just come back airforce school, and i failed my test. tomorrow have to go back and study -_-. Anyways, i did a sketch on a guitar. actually this is the Ibanze Jem, you can oftenly see steve vai carrying in around. still no colour yet. maybe next time i will colour.

Just got corel painter XI from my friend, not sure whether it can help me colour it a not, or is the same as the corel painter esstenials 2 (which i used). trying trying trying.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


I uploaded some pictures i took on Mt.Faber. A beautiful afternoon The cable car you see is travelling to Sentosa Island, another attraction, but recently there is nothing to see in Sentosa, unless you go to it's beach and underwater world, otherwise, you have to wait til 2009 for the casino to be build on it. =)

Friday, October 27, 2006

My home.Singapore.2.

This is the MERLION. Mermaid + Lion = Merlion. Singapore's Icon.

I loved this shot i took. i don't know why but i just like it.hahaha. but that boy's leg was a bit of a spoiler! i can do nothign about it, cos i have to stay very still.hahah.

My home.Singapore.

This is the shot on Singapore's night skyline. quite nice huh. sorry abt the blurness of the photo, din use a tripod, anyway is just a normal digi cam, not slr.
The shot above is the Singapore's Esplanade theatre by the bay, where all the musical events are held as well as those art shows.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Stop thinking like that!

sms - no reply
msn - also no reply


truely is has to end rite.
damn! y still i think i have a chance in it.
but y so sudden...arghhhhhhhhh.

spend a while drawing tat.while waiting for reply. sadly, nothing....

am i stupid? childish? pathetic? naive? to think that wat.i guess i am.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

S.k.e.t.c.h.2 i can only kill time doing my sketch...

anyone kind enough to teach me how to colour a sketch??the damn hair, how to make it like, there are many strains of hair?

lori i am going to draw real human! hahha. wacom fun!


i have no idea why, she doesn't want to reply me.
wanna go out? yes or no only what..
seems like you would prefer to stay at home to going out....
seems tat way.

whats my next step?
there is no next step
it ends right here.

but the least you could do is reply me.damn it!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

My Sketch:)

Wooo. my first blog here. lol
Recently, i bought a wacom graphire4, it sure surprise me, it's almost like using pencil and draw! u got to try it! very fun to play with and can act as a mouse. haahha
anyway, i did some sketching, here are some =) Colouring wise, i'm still working on it, not sure on how to colour it. lol.