Thursday, January 24, 2008

Flight Cohesion

daniel and me aloysius (the guitar/bass master) and me+ daniel (behind daquan's liteace)huang²celine and me (o.o)yradar flight family infront of hippo bus the cute tour guidetable 1 (management table)table 2 (Seniors table)table 3 (senior + juniors)family photo infront of 'hei se hui'navin and me wah piang eh.. dunnoe wat happen to me today man. forgot this forgot that. cock. lost my fucking shoes and my wallet near went missing siaz~.COCK!
anyway, today it's our flight cohesion + farewell party for the 3 ORD personnel.
went off to suntec for the hippotour @ 2pm.
the tour was quite a interesting one, as you get to see Singapore from a different angle + such a sweeting looking "dao you" makes the $23 tour worth it man.heehee.hahah
aiyo! aiyo! aiyo!
that stupid tourist lah!! tok to her for wat?! can't u ask the driver. aiyo~ if not, i would had her no. damn it! (i also abit lack of balls la.haha)
then head to vivocity for our dinner @ hei se hui.
went there 3 times le, the food was good la, but if got rice better lo. heehee
*took alot of pictures of singapore when i was on the hippotour, will post on the next entry..

ok, i know i'm kinda wols, but it's a must buy!
nv regret buying it. =)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

New guitar!

yamaha FS700MSaloysius. thanks for helping me to choose a proper acoustic guitar. haha. he is such a pro. he could tell which guitar had it's strings changed, and the could tell me alot of things about music.haha. hats off! thanks again. pluck it HARD! WHACKED IT! hahaha.

maybe you would ask why i am in to guitars again?
ha. because i just learned a new song using my electric guitar, and i have been using my electric for strumming and i tot it would be best for me to get a acoustic, and a quick search on youtube, saw a few ppl giving guitar lesson, a few tips from there. and some songs are teached there! (like the song thats playing now!) and my interest is back in again.

Friday, January 11, 2008

lucky me!

person of the year: putin huang.=P
i had been so lucky for the entire week! hahaha. cannot believe my luck! start off with 20cents and i won $15+ bucks from daidee and blackjack.hahaha.poor old daniel keeps going to his ATM machine(wallet) to draw money for me.hahaha! then came a bomb shell, NOBODY in my flight wants to go to the singles party, and guess wat. my madam decided to draw lots, and i was picked! !@#!@$%!@#%!@$#%@!$^@%$&. f**king suay lah.

come on la. they are all 25 - 30 yrs old, me only 22 leh. somemore i still wear braces, little boyboy come singles party for wat? LOL. lucky, some one from other flight volunteered and he had saved me from going there.pheww.............

and my face will be on FOCUS magazine!! hahaha! because of the safety poster i designed tat got 2nd.WAHAHAHA! cannot believe it. WOoooooOo. hopefully, it's not featured in one small portion of the magazine full page would be nice.=D.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

new yr eve.

went to a irish pub oh 31st dec!! and the pub owner gave us all a party sets! we were making a whole lot of noise.hahah.
alvin and i then challenge pool some angmos in the pub. they were joke la. act pro. hahaha! "it's my table! i call the shot!" it's ur table because you all start playing first asshole! pui! anyway we lost the first 2 rounds.ha. (cos we were getting used to the table,u know, warm up!). after we won back. ha! we did singapore proud.hohoho!
anyway did a 5 4 3 2 1..Woo
oh ya. a guy in the pub treated us drinks siaz. lol. he must be attracted to one of my friends la. then paiseh, need to treat alvin and me.haha! who cares?! free drinks! LOL.
"this drink is treated by the man in pink! huh?"