Monday, March 24, 2008

Moving out of Dover Crescent

After 23 yrs of staying in dover crescent, however on 9 of april or even sooner, i will be moving out of dover crescent liao loh. will miss my house, the kopi-shop, the neighbour, the morning bus to work, even though shops here are limited, but it's kinda quiet and peaceful here. Now i am going to stay over at my sis's house @ tiong bahru, a change of environment, yeah yeah, it's near to town, but now it will take me longer to reach my workplace.and i am going to sleep at my sis's living room leh!! wah lau, from 2 room to living room. T_T. stupid sister knock down one wall for wat siaz?haha
Goodbye! Dover Crescent~
Hello! Tiong Bahru ~
and Hello! Vios/fit~
heehee =)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

something NEW! but it's bad.

it's been quite a while since i have update liao loh. so tired lately leh, dunnoe why.

went to geyland for supper last week. ha! alvin recommand one prawn noodle stall, says it's delicious! but it's otherwise la. nothing special leh. even though i pose a "thumbs up" but actually it's SUCKS!, cos i scare the old time ah beng will beat me up, but the prawns are quite big. hahaha.
then of cos la, go geyland, nv go walk walk meh?
  • go walk walk lo, walk the dunnoe wat lorong (alot of gals one), but this time i went, there's lesser gals.(all working liao.heehee). then this thailand gal, came up to me! ah!!! SIR SIR, come! $35. no condom. hahahahah!! (aiyo, no thanks! free also i dun want). she still can say "aiyo so cute! i like ur braces".
  • then passed by the illegal gambling den! alot of games sia, and we shouldn't have stop and watch! cos we ended up losing $20 bucks each. haha. but the chances of winning is 50-50 leh. The banker have this special dice, which only have "8" and "9". he will throw the dice and before the dice stop, he will cover it. and u bet either "8" or "9". SO SIMPLE!! so i confidently throw 10 bucks down (min $10 max $300). and i won!! then i lose, lose, lose.. -_-" then dun wanna play liao. hahah. (eh, i won't get into trouble for posting this hor)

then on sunday i became edison chen. when my sister is bathing avril, i went and took photo of her! hahahaha! then my mom went to cover up.haha.

PS: can anyone tell me whats does PS means? thanks.