Tuesday, February 19, 2008

haha.wat a joke

sketching around then i saw this article about jack neo. saying that stephen chow copied his work! wat did i hear wrongly?

  • The whole 《跑吧!孩子》is a complete rip off from a india flim or a iran flim, which i saw earlier than your 《跑吧!孩子》is out!
  • Your liang po po and liang si mei is dunnoe copy which taiwan variety show, where "Zhang Fei" is dressed as a gal.
You think we are stupid ar? LOL.Your jokes are old and outdated liao la, tend to run flat at the end, look at your "just follow law" so boring at the end. and can you stop using fann wong? -_-

1. 穷孩子穿破鞋子:《长江》中的父亲(周星驰)为儿子缝补鞋子,凸显家庭环境贫困;《跑吧!孩子》为突出主角家境,男主角李创锐脚下的鞋子也是缝缝补补;

2. 拿成绩单到医院:《长江》 中的儿子拿着成绩单到医院找父亲,证明自己能考到好成绩;《小孩不笨》中的主角也是拿着成绩单到医院… …

3. 学校罚站:小主角因为鞋子太破旧学校罚站,《跑吧!孩子》中也有罚站镜头;  

4. 父亲出意外:父亲周星驰在《长江七号》因工业意外跌死,《小孩不笨2》中黄奕良也是意外 身亡;
5. 外星人(狗)拼死救主:《长江七号》里的"外星狗"为救小主人元气耗尽,智强声言,他有一部电视电影《再见阳光》,也有一个"外星人拯救人类,却牺牲自己"的桥段!

content taken from: http://www.omy.sg/showbiz/enews/200802/20080219_011_jackneo.html

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008


what the hell is he acting cute man? hahaha! please don't say you are from Singapore, just say you are steven lim seriously.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


argh, my computer is going to die soon!! what has my cousins done to my PC?! the screens keeps flicker--ing damn it, i can't see what i'm typing but i am typing anyways. shit!! blacnk again! ahhhhhhh... no............ looks like i am going to use my angbao money to buy a new graphic card. fuck. STOP FLICKERING!! ..or shld i get a laptop? hahaha. i think for now i will change my gaphic card. hopefully it's my graphic card spolit and not the mother board. .

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

happy CNY!!!

this is wat i took during the hippo ride last month, nice hor. of cos la, i take one ma. (heehee!!)
and tml i am working 8 - 5pm. T_T. heng nv tio night shift. haha. if not really gong xi gong xi ar. hahaha

发财! 发达!大家发财。
(wah piang eh.. took me so long to type chinese)