Saturday, January 09, 2010

Romanian = Weak

I am on the verge of converting this blog of mine to showcase my photographs. But i felt sick in my stomach when i heard on the lastest news on the Romanian guy.

What Happen?
1) Hit and Run 3 Singaporean ( 1 Dead)
2) The Car involved was "Stolen"! ( Would u steal a diplomat car? )
3) Fly back to his country
4) LASTEST NEWS! Not Coming Back!

I am not suggesting he is the one behind that damn audi, but if you are innocent and the car is indeed stolen, why not come back to Singapore and help in the investigations?

Well, most likely nothing will be done. If he is the "man" behind the wheel then it is a sad sad day for Justice.

*Diplomatic immunity, Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961)

1961! IT's freaking 2010 already!