Sunday, April 29, 2007

.DJ tiesto.he's a pirate. DJ tiesto

i was in HMV. then i heard this song. by DJ tiesto. fell in love with it. did some internet research on him, he was the world's no1 DJ? i have no idea. but this is so nice..

was playing now with my computer. i felt like i was in the club..

Chilling @ Zheng Fa Huo Hai Xian.

went out to makan wif my airforce colleague. damn. the food there nv change.hahahah.sick of tat le.but is cheap!
ok. thats gibson wif his girl below.oh no..this is Patrick with her girl.the troublemaker.hahah.and own a fiat punto..too bad is taken.

hahaha..this is the crazy dominique in that green polo t. can dance ANYWHERE. i mean ANYWHERE. and the charming sean who owns a VA VA Vroom Vios. oh btw. dom own a wira. (shh) lol.dun angry.

heehee., wif ah soon..the sleep then i realise while typing this blog..he looks like shrek.HHAHAHA.=P

me wif Louis..the cool louis.always boe-ing girls..pervert! Hhaha..anyway is there any guys who is not pervert? guess not.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

.chilling wif Emily.

ahhh.. today met up wif emily. old time
went to town and jalan jalan (boring old town.--_-)
then went to CHERVONS.for some bowling and karaoke singing is bad. i nearly paid for the glass.(lucky didn't break)LOL
and she the singing

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Seriously, i tot i had gotten over it.
but see-ing her over the last weekend.
makes my heart b..r..ea.k.s. again...

nothing is going to change.pls.stop thinking.
just like the first pics. my love life is a mess.
*actually is for her as a gift.ha. decide to hold back.ha. weak.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

.Pay Rise For Singapore Pilots.?

hahaha. what a joke!
is it because they saw the recent minister pay rise? then they want it too?
and they gave a stupid reason!

oh..flying the A380 biggest plane in the world. puts stress on me as there is more passengers and is bigger. thats why you should give me pay rise! HAHAHA!!!

oh.then shld SBS double decker bus driver get higher pay than those who drive single deck bus.HAHAH.they are also carrying more passengers and is bigger.

then taxi driver should earn the least. as they drive a small car.HHHA.

Come on.pilots, you are already earning alot. and you still wants more.(agree la..who don't want more) but. giving this type of excuse is just so.............FUNNY.HAHAHAHHA.and childish.


Monday, April 23, 2007

.Sums up my Situation.

Sometimes it seems like everyone's got an opinion about your love life and whether you wanna hear about it or not, you're gonna. Have a blank look, a slightly puzzled smile and a change of subject at the ready.


.Skylift Pics.ahhh is the skylift pics. i mention yesterday..fucking scary least for the first balls shrink. u shld try...hahah great fun.wooo

Sunday, April 22, 2007

What a Day!!

-_- my older sister..everytime take me money no return!! hahaha..sometimes i did to her too..hoho
Future WCG champion's sister.LOL

me cousin.haha.future WCG Singapore Champion.hahah

today, we met up for bowling @ SPGG. then after that we had nothing to do. then my friend suggested to go Vivo City.haha. so we went there. then we saw the Sentosa Express. hahahah. so... we went to sentosa.. i cannot believe my eyes, sentosa have change alot! (for years i had never been there.) and i DIDn't bring my CAMERA!! AHHHHHH. we took the LUGE and SKYLIFT ride( i know i am slow) but THAT WAS DAMN FUN!! we bought the pics when we are on board the skylift.. will post when they send to me.

.Chill @ Holland V.

This is taken when i was walking home from holland V.fucking long walk. and i tot was just a short walk.damn.ahahha..anyway i was walking on the side road. then i saw there is no car (2am) then i took this pics in the middle of the road.heehee thats me in the green adidas. and bro. chilling @ something and

the girls. angeline,xiao ling and steph.
damn. the one who ..... ahhahahah

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yes! finally bought a car!

haha. finally bought a car. dreaming since poly.
what shld i buy next?
Sports Rims, body kits.hahha

Road users beware! smell my exhuast.

Monday, April 16, 2007

.Pictures Taken with T20.

this are the pictures i took wif the Sony CyberShot T20. 16:9 wide screen shot.
i love the widescreen.Love it!
and that is so fucking clear. ahah.
nv regret getting this camera. lucky nv took the Lumix

Friday, April 13, 2007

.Minister Pay Rise.

all of us are speaking thru the net saying that is unfair blah blah blah...

i'm not here to help anyone.
wats the point of saying and complain-ing?
it wouldn't change anything.
there nothing we lowly citizens can do.

Pay raise is going to be inplemented.
time will flies.
people will forget.

just like the SBS rise in fare back in (i forgot wat yr..think is 2003/4)
Media Reports, Internet Complains, TV Show totally spend 30minutes every week talking about it.
Has it changed anything? No.
time flies...
do you remember?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Woo.New camera and watch

Recently just bought a fossil watch.hahah

actually is my brother-in-law gave one.cos he worked in city chain. =D

then yesterday bought a sony T20..i never heard of it b4. but is good!

8.1 Mega Pixel

FULL HD 1080