Sunday, May 25, 2008


it's been a long time since i catch up wif my poly mates already. it's always nice to see them. anyway, just happen tat day tat all of us are driving (one of my friend is driving a benz! omg!) anyway we meet up @ town and went to this place call "timbre". it's the first time i went there, the atmosphere is not-bad, but the band was great! at least to me. hahah. they played really well..hmmm wish that i could be like them LOL..ahemm. anyway their pizza is super nice! really! it's a die die must try lo!

will be back there some day again for their music and pizza! real fanatsic! but i am not sure where it is. according to my friend it's near fort canning park..hmmm..
gonna yahoo! for it.
hopefully, is up. it's been down for so long already >_<

while i was reading, i saw this topic on
apparently, our neighbour (you know who, truly asia) set this blog up, sayin Singapore steal the island from malaysia. blah blah blah.. well.. all i have to say is.. if malaysians really hate Singapore, then don't come here and work. Simple as that! =) i think we had enough FT already..ooops it's FW.. just look at boon lay~

Friday, May 23, 2008

Collected my car liao lo!

collected my car liao lo! lastest 08'fit! fierce ma?! haha! still haven do my redlip stick, cos need to drive to ubi, and the stupid petrol is going up like nobody business. lol. Recently, emily brought me to demspey road/hill for some dessert, so took a drive down to that place, it's just like villa bali but 5 times the size? very european feel. nice nice!
today went to NTUC and bought alot of car cleaning stuffs, my camp's parking slot is so freaking dirty! dust, flowers, leaves, spiders, ants, some mysterious red stuff.. liew..u name it!
so anyone see a little friendly black honda fit drive down the street, pls give way to me hor! thank you.

Sunday, May 11, 2008 long

been waiting for my fit'08 to come. still haven come. haiz. already found some serious nice stuffs for my ride liao lo.hahahaha. did some research on the internet and found some really nice mod!like the red lipstick on the front mesh. wooo.. so sexy.looks like the golf gti. Also found a ipod dock for my ipod nano! woo.

also found some bodykits and rims, look at them! so HOT! woooo. but that will be later la. cos it's too expensive liao. the car insurance alone will kill me, cause it's under my name T_T.hahaha. now i am waiting for my agent to call me to collect the car liao! pls call me, and pls don't call me on my night shift! hhahha. machiam he knows.

if anyone wanna buy a car from Parralle importers, can ask me, i intro u my agent ok? he is quite good.
the red lipstick i was toking abt (10bucks!)

ipod docking (29 bucks!)

bodykits! hot! VIP stylenice rims huh? heheepictures taken from: &