Tuesday, April 22, 2008

David Tao Concert

Empty Stage cos reach early maUnplugged! (sorry for the blur pic)Rockin' only can take when the lights is ON.Duet wif kewei (no prize for guessing the song they are singing)tats the mulit-talented elisaFull band pics (did i went to the backstage?)Last saturday, went to see david tao concert! 123 我们大家都是木头人 Concert! it was a last minute decision to go.haha. still able to find tickets.lol. also it was my first time, to go for a concert. i used to think concert are a waste of money! hahah! but i wanna hear david tao's unplugged. bought the $148 tics hor!hahah

The concert totally rock man! he re-arrange some of the song, like my favourite song 小镇姑娘, he transformed it to a rock version.woooo. and he sing some retro song, tats super shiok la. but hor, the seats beside me is empty, so at my side it's not very high leh, all sitting down. those in the front is super high la. standing up and waving and SCREAM-ING!~!~

and tao zhe's 2 lady singer is hot! tay kewei from Singapore and elisa from Taiwan. Tay Kewei's vocal power is superb, and i really had my hats off for Elisa, one moment she is singing, the other moment she is playing instruments. 3 different instrument to be exact! Flute, Volin and Trumpet! The band are all a talented bunch.

ps. wu yue tian concert anyone?

full band pics taken from: http://taykewei.blogspot.com/

Monday, April 14, 2008

Singapore Old Notes.

Finally, i had moved to my sister house already. So tired yesterday, came back from night shift and started to move till 5pm carrying stuffs, pack stuff. -_- No room for me T_T so sad. anyway, while packing found some of my father's old singapore notes. the banana notes is worthless but look at that 5 cents note! LOL. 5 cents leh. wah lau. who see it b4? first time i saw it! July 1941 it was made. still under british rule?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

ahhh! what i've done again?

Wah piang, this is the second time i accidentally damage a car. heehee. i think my driving skills are quite good leh! hahah. but don't know why, this type of things always happen leh. Stupid pillar la, haiz..nv saw, then BANG! OUCH! T_T.

Now awaiting them to send it to the workshop and access how much i am supposed to pay them, meanwhile they are holding my deposit. haiz.. stupid mistake. somemore it's a odessey. aiyo!! expensive car. wait wait wait..

PS. who wanna lent me car to drive? heehee!!