Monday, October 29, 2007

another sketch..

actually i know nothing abt him. was surfing and came across a picture of him. so sketched him.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

bowling pins!!!

look @ that!! i got my PERSONAL bowling pins!!! hahahah! those are fucking heavy. thanks felix for helping me to carry it to my house. if not i would had been dead carrying those..myself..
and now i need some wood and some metal.. for the lanes and machine...
i will blog it when it's done and can come to my house to bowl! ahhahahah

Saturday, October 27, 2007


i broke my specs recently, so i went to make a new one.. and i was stun to see what i saw!! it's no longer the boring
damn! i wish i had perfect eye sight! LOL.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

X-Japan Reunion.

woo.they perform together again after 10 yrs.

yoshiki, pata, heath and toshi.

well, hide is not there (which is not surprising.haha. at least his guitar is there)

i can't understand a shit they are saying. mf n steph can help translate? heehee.

leave a light on

hmmm..i got more than 30s rite?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

nice car

tats louis wif his new honda jazz.. haha.
i should have made this post a long time ago.. because he took the 3rd time to pass his TP.hahaha.unlike me huh. heehee. but i dun have car. haiz..=(
well.. he went for a smoke and i was urgent.. so i took a piss on his car.hahaha!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

What a friday!

Wooo. so tired man, yesterday afternoon when i was asleep, i received a call from my brother-in-law saying tat my sister had just delivered. because i worked night shift the other nite, i simply reply "orhh" then hang up. heehee!! then i realise it's a big thing huh.. then i took tat bloody long 166 journey to thomson medical center..

well, lucky my sister and her baby was fine and her name was Avril. (wah liew, my sister want her daughter to be as hot/famous as avril lavigne ar.. then hilton would be nicer!=p). oh ya..i'm uncle liao..noooo..

my sisterAvril

then i went to SSG Poh's chalet @ changi, most of the radar flight personnel are there! all very sporting one lo. haha. it's all fun and laughter. too bad daniel is working nite shift yesterday, if not it will be more fun.*

*oh ya.. so sorry man.. the setting on my camera is all the pictures taken during the bbq. is well.. all screwed up..

half of them only, half of them playing mahjong.lolbbq. i am siam-ing to bbq.haha.=Xsenior huang wif junior huang (can't get along wif him..hahah=P)crazy senior huang. don't know wanna eat wat.loloops. i erm... accidentally step on a snail...sorry..the cat posing for me leh. hahah. meow meow!then i went to essential & brew, to find my secondary school friends, and chill lo. after a while, we were asking where can we go. i can only tot of one place (haha). and steph wanna play wii @ e2max @ cine, which is close to where i wanna go. so i kinda asked them, whether can i go nydc b4 we go and play the wii. well. glad tat she recognises me although i got a common face.=).
essential & brew @ holland v
me, mf, steph n vincent....poon is smoking wii to play DoA.. very fun leh! and funny!
went home. sleep till 2pm.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

blah blah blah

wah lau! cannot get it rite.. dun paint liao. pre-occupied. but it's kinda fun..messed up the whole damn thing.WOooooooooooooooo.

monday met up wif my poly-mates, actually just wanna accompany them, but when i stepped inside tat little levis shop and saw the black jeans..erm... i brought it home. heehee. shit i shld stop this.this is bad.
today, went for my monthly appointment for my braces, woooo.. i have no idea what the dentist is doing. pushing and tightening it like there is no tml. ah dey, PAIN ar! and my teeth so white now. =) cos i chose white colour rubber band.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


guess who i'm drawing?
no prizes for those who were correct.=P

haiz.. i just can't get the colours rite.. and i know it's kinda suck. cos doesn't really look like olivia. also lazy to draw tat microphone inside. cos i dun like to draw objects..

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

haiz. sick of imeem

wah lau. uploading sucks. sometimes need severals try to upload one song.

then when it's uploaded, it will slap u with that copyright stuff, thats only allow you to play for 30secs.

any other better website like imeem?

Friday, October 05, 2007

omg. look at them!

DJ Sara (8yrs old) & DJ Ryusei (5yrs old)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

who is olivia?

been posting her songs lately.
heard her song while i passed-by the used CD depot @ Marina Square.
they were playing "Sometimes when we touch" by olivia ong and i liked it very much.
i went in and the sale assistant gave me a short briefing of her new album "fallen in love with". and i didn't bought the album. heehee.

i remembered once i posted "never too far" by olivia, that was another artist. but was nice though..
anyway went online and search found out that she looks good too. LOL.
currently playing: "So Nice" from her album GIRL MEETS BOSSA NOVA 2.
picture taken from:

i'm sorry...

i shall not talk to superiors again.
i mean they said it's kept within the four walls. and yet ppl knows.
and i nv said anything bad about my flight's personnel, just merely commented that they were nice ppl, and rank isn't a issue in my flight, my master sgt and encik are friendly but when work are to be done, i will do for them.
My OC are strict and fierce, i guess i didn't eleborate enough for my Commanding Officer (CO). haiz... i know my OC pushes me and i am grateful to her and i mess-ed up by telling CO, that she is strict and fierce..
i felt so bad now.............................. and there's nothing i can do...
~the end~