Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Singapore Pride?

A picture tell a thousand words.
Need i say more?
"In contrast, the sailor - who took the same flight and were on the second bus - were relaxed and jovial, even though they won nothing at the games."
Pictures and text extracted from: SPH The Newpaper dated 26 Aug 08.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympics 2008

Well, i must say this, i was skeptical about China hosting the olympic at first, but soon after the opening ceremony, wow! i'm impressed, and damn that Zhang Yi Mou is sibei creative la! The painting of the mountains and sun, then having the anethes stepping on it to form a river. WOW!

Then there is our Singapore? team winning the sliver.
Don't read if you support Singapore?.
************************ALT+F4 NOW!************************

I'm sorry if you think there is glory in that. for me, i thought that sliver medal never really mean anything.
I had seen alot of report on Singaporeans don't mind having a china-born winning us a sliver. "She was with us since she was 14yrs old" you said. Then why don't we buy a Jamaican runner? buy a Ethiopian Marathon Runner also. Say what? "They are african, obivously they are not from Singapore, you idiot!!" Ans: Look @ our Singapore National Team (football).
That way we will have at least 3 GOLD. (100m + 200m + Marathon).
Hell! we can buy 4 Jamaicans and we can win the 4*100m and 4* 400m relay.
It's like defending Singapore, you can't expect other countries to help defending your country.
Thats why Singapore are giving TAXPAYER MONEY to motivate them.
(would you think China will let Zhang Yi Ning Go?)
CRAP! GIVE THOSE MONEY TO THE BLOOD THIRSTY SBS!! HAHAHAHA! So that they wouldn't keep increasing the bus fare, while they are earning millions already!
for my records, Singapore is still 49yrs w/o winning anything!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who's JabbawockeeZ?

Watch this video! YEAH!

Friday, August 15, 2008

My sis's daugther.

My sister's daughter, Avril, thru the lens of the dSLR. haha.
Not very well taken la, quite blur, but still looks quite good to me leh, thats y i posted it.hahaha .

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Changi Haven!

Last week, i went for my flight's retreat @ changi haven. I must say Singapore's SAF Chalet are pretty good! The rooms are good and the view of the sea is absolutely magnificant! thumbs up!
I brought my friend's dSLR with me, and took quite a number of pictures!! haha. There is plenty of nice view to shoot, and there is this botak tree which is so nice! wonder how it get there?! hahaha

Thursday, August 07, 2008


My spiderman!!My honda fit interior F15E Strike Eagle
My beloved Yamaha
My friend lent me his dSLR camera, it's a Nikon D40! [Thanks ying qin!! =D] But i am a total camera noob, set the shutter speed, set the ISO then the exposure, then u zoom and focus. You see i am so comfortable with my sony T20 with all those automatic setting, now u tell me to set it myself? i have no idea!
Hack! i still went around and shoot shoot shoot. I only posted my Best Shot (I think lah, cos i really nv set anything, so many buttons), i had alot of lousy shot which i am not going to upload. heehee.
tomorrow will be the moment of truth. WE WILL SURVIVE!! RF!