Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Capture the Moment (Singapore)

23rd February 2010 - Went out with Stephanie for a photography session.

Initially, went to little india for some photo taking session, however we did not find any interesting to shoot at till we reached the flea market, where there is 1 uncle and 1 aunty wanted us to take a picture for them. LOL. It's not posted here.

We then drive to the esplanade to take some classic photos of Singapore, and in the afternoon i saw this cute tourism (should be korean) with her friend taking snap shots of Merlion, and well i secretly took a photo of her. Well, if you happened to be reading this, i will be glad to send it to you (or take it down). heehee

I wanted to take a shot of the old supreme court, but the lights was not on, i am not sure why myself. hence, the traffic shot.. pretty classic i guess, nothing special.

This is a classic shot of Singapore, i like the reflection here.
ISO: 200
Shutter speed:3os