Monday, December 31, 2007

Car Show Again.

went down to see the car show, because i wanna see the new honda jazz 2008, hahaha. but it looks like its only had a face lift. still love mazda3.wooot!!

and just nice when we reached there, there is this drifting performance, well they are good, generated alot of noise and smoke, especially that white slivia s15! really "pi yan" ar! haha. but they are really good la. i wanna learn! then can drift on singapore roads! hahaha. traffic police also cannot win me. ha! then paid $10 to go inside tat stupid "heavy modified car showroom", the place so BIG, but the car so little! crap. some cars are nice though.
took a picture with a cutie pie.hahaha. and finally seen the real EVO X. ouch! fierce.
this time i don't know why i wanted to edit those photos.haha.but enjoy.
oh ya! forgot!
2008! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2008!
have you made ur new yr resolution?

Saturday, December 29, 2007

chilling out again.=)

chio bu except the one in blue.hahathanks! rachel! nice shot!omg.queues everywhere.starbucks! outside OG. still packed.act cute, act shy! hahaset timer again. hahahyesterday met up wif the gals again, while the same person with a poser name (rachel)was late again. nvm! ta boh leh went to eat at jin tai feng, then wanted to find some place to chill but all places are packed! walked up and down severals time, wanted to eat at swensens but look at the queues. then someone left starbucks and xiaoling chiong too chop place, while we guys relax (jian wor.)lol.
i helped the gals to snap such a nice picture of them, but look wat we got in return? snap of our cock?hahahaha!

i'm right. but i dun want to be. but i am. guessed it's pretty obvious la ar. good game.
but damn! i can draw! heehee and somehow john let me read this article, while i'm writing this. about coffee beans, carrots and egg. read it! it's nice.

Friday, December 28, 2007

went out wif emily yesterday to bugis, for our monthly meet up.(or bi-monthly? haha) and exchange our christmas present.hahaha. asked her wat she wants and she wants tat grey colour ARMY t-shirt -_-" cannot believe it man.i know ur bf is commando also no need to wear ARMY t-shirt at home ba.LOL. still went to beach rd and search for it wor. and she got for me the poke poke, then the head will come out one. and a waist support nice! going to bring to my flight and play with my crazy colleagues. heee.

wah. freaking fierce.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day.

the cathay (nice shot huh?)hahathis key is for the bill later. nice idea!me, steph, xiaoling and alvin (not the's tiramisuyeah.the blackberry -_-vincent's cheesecakewent out wif a few friends to watch Alvin & the chipmunks @ the cathay. they are cute, and their voices are nice to hear at first, but the more i hear, the more irritated i become. hahahaha. such high pitch!

went to this japanese resturant called ma maison. wow. the ambience inside is solid! really felt i'm in somewhere where there's snow outside. christmas feeling. solid! but the menu is kinda limited as i dun eat beef.hahah. too bad. the food was good and price are well reasonable lo. till i went to the next resturant.........>_<
called the 2am: dessertbar @ holland Village. to be fair, the ambience was good!, the service is good too, the chef actually explain the dishes to you as she served you. BUT! i order a dish called "blackberry" really make my face black. why?
Blackberry consist of 3 (tiny) scoop of blackberry moussy thing, accompanied by some lychee ice?, basil sauce and 2 rose petals flown in from Australia. and tat purple thing tasted like "SAN ZHA" (u know, the china snack, one tube inside got alot of slice one.) that cost 14 bucks! omg. while my other friends ordered , tiramisu and cheesecake, and they look good and taste good. ONLY MINE! kns! order what blackberry shit. oh ya. they actually have a blackberry to let you smell b4 you eat.hahah.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

pod pod pod

just found out the original apologize by OneRepublic without timbaland. well, it's was great.worth a listen.

and i bought the fat ipod. the games inside are amazingly great! i think they improved their ear piece by abit. haha. 1st gen earpiece was crap. went to watch national teasure too, with my colleague a cohesion of our own @ the cathey! lol. john went to PS phua still need to bring him there. hahaha.

later the property agent is going to bring some "customer" to see my house liao lo. going to tidy up.hahaha. before i go..

let me first greets all of my friends;


(always say the same one)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

shit things happen all the time.

unexpectedly, i sold my ipod yesterday, haha. thanks shao wei ar. now thinking whether i sold it at $50 is too cheap a not.haha. well, going to buy myself an ipod nano tml. and finally, my sister moved out with her baby, tat means peace is restored!! hahah. wooo!! and i'm clearing my leave till next yr.hahah. sorry RF!
and yeah!! i got second for a safety poster i designed! haha. BUT i'm always getting 2nd. 2nd for website too.arghh. i want 1st damn it!
went for my monthly braces checkup too, this time is fiery RED! hahaha. and i have one rubberband liao lo! wooo. well, nothing to be happy about, cos tat means more pain. -_-
someone tell me wat to do leh. aiyo, dont know wat to do. wat to think. wat to say.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

ZoukOut 2007

kia sportage. our ride!five half naked guys in the car.hmmmm.hahahdun worry, we are light.hahahafuck man. i dunnoe wat i hit. or wat hit me. nice mercs! abt my audi? smell my exhuast! and my fart!get drunk pls. we brought too much, can't even finished it.lets get the party and sweaty inside la. wooLalamy eyes are fucking red!some jap gals. im crazy liao. well all of us are!some singapore gals.
this is my first zoukout. it was all fun! woohoo!!~ till the end where i can feel my legs falling apart, and i was freaking thirsty la. and the drinks are at the car.damn. didn't want to go at first, but that felix keeps calling me, disturbing my sleep. hahaha. phew.. lucky i went, if not i will regret like a asshole and nobody will give a shit. laallala~
but the fucked up thing is the car.ahhhhh, i dun remember i hit something leh.. but the scratches are there, dunnoe how much i need to pay. suay. pls dun change the whole bumper.LOL.

oh ya i still got to work at 8am on sunday.=X
we were fooling around in the carpark. so those cars (merc & audi) is not really ours.heehee. so many expensive cars.drools.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

woohoo! new specs.

yesterday, went to my friend's mother's shop and make a new specs. wanted to choose back to levi's again.. but i dun like their design leh.. (i virtually tried all their levi's specs haiz.. so i was looking around, then i saw a frame.hmm..not levi's but levelnine. wah quite nice leh. then my friend's mother also said tat it is 'tai yan' by louis koo.. hahah! if i wear liao, will look like louis koo anot? WAHAHHAHA!! anyway, i chose tat.wooo. collecting next week! =D

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