Monday, August 27, 2007


Yesterday went to watch 881.
Liu ling ling is the best man.. her hokkien is super

'techno' ti ko siao.

881. yo ah yo ah yo. 881 yo ah yo ah yo..HUAT AR.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Odex had "no right of civil action" against illegal downloaders
Channel NewsAsia - Saturday, August 25

SINGAPORE : Anime distributor Odex had "no right of civil action" against illegal downloaders.

This is because it was just a sub-licensee and not the copyright owner or exclusive licensee for most of the anime titles sold here.

This is the rationale behind the court's surprise dismissal of Odex's bid to get Pacific Internet (PacNet) to disclose its customers' identities.

The judge's 13-page grounds of decision was released on August 24.
District Judge Earnest Lau also noted that Odex was also in no position to initiate criminal prosecution.

On August 23, the judge ordered the company to pay legal costs of more than $7,000.
The judge also expressed unease over the hasty manner in which Odex tried to go after some 1,000 PacNet subscribers.

In particular, he was not convinced of the investigation method it used to uncover the IP addresses and pinpoint the alleged wrongdoers.

Industry observers had expected the court to rule in Odex's favour.

This is especially after it had successfully forced two other Internet service providers, StarHub and SingNet, to hand over the data of those suspected of illegal downloading.

In its letters of demand, Odex is asking for $3,000 to $5,000 compensation and also hinted of criminal prosecution should the subscriber refuse to pay up.

But the judge said under the Copyright Act, "only the copyright owner and the statutory exclusive licensee � have the right to take action against copyright infringers".

He added that Odex appeared to be the exclusive licensee for just one title, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed.

Odex said it would be appealing against the judgement. - CNA /ls
LOL. this is self-ownage la. Only have exclusive licensee for ONE title, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED, but want to fine everyone for everything. GREED one of the 7 sins.
steph sing. are you now busy sue-ing ppl or busy kana sue by people. (o.o)y.
this is better than any drama produce by mediacorps man! real life drama.

SingNet consented, StarHub had other arguments
Aug 24, 2007

AN extremely rare legal move on Friday has cast some light on how the anime-distributor Odex was able to obtain court orders against SingNet and StarHub but not Pacific Internet.

All three cases were heard 'in chambers' at the Subordinate Courts by different judges and these proceedings are rarely made public.

But District Judge Ernest Lau released a 14-page written judgement on Friday explaining the ruling he handed down on Thursday in Odex's case against PacNet.

Odex had demanded that the three internet service providers supply the names of subscribers who had been illegaly downloading content from Odex's anime site.

It won orders against SingNet in May and StarHub earlier this month, but Judge Lau turned down its request for an order against PacNet on Thursday.

He noted that 'for the SingNet case, the orders were made by consent'.

A lawyer familiar with such proceedings said this means during the run-up to the hearing, SingNet had written to Odex to 'consent' to its request.

Odex's lawyers, Rajah & Tann, presented this note at the hearing. Judge Lau also noted that SingNet's lawyers did not attend the hearing.

tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk.
didn't even bother at all.
starhub is trying to do damage control now. maybe singnet later...
but we have already seen the true faces of this 2 companies. cheers!
will be happy to see you go nwod. ahahahah

Friday, August 24, 2007

Double Standard.

Odex case: PacNet need not reveal downloaders' names to distributor
By Ansley Ng, Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE : In a surprise court ruling on Thursday, a judge decided that Pacific Internet (PacNet) does not have to give up the names of its subscribers who had been accused of ripping content from Odex.

Odex is a distributor of Japanese anime.

The ruling raised eyebrows because two other Internet service providers (ISP) - SingNet and StarHub - had earlier been ordered to give up the names of their subscribers accused of similar violations.

StarHub said the company is now assessing its options. As for SingNet, it said it had provided Odex with the names only after the firm had produced a court order.

Since May, Odex has been cracking down on freeloaders. It was successful in getting SingNet and StarHub to reveal the identities of customers who downloaded its anime illegally.

The company, the main anime distributor in Singapore, subsequently served legal letters on the freeloaders - many of them teens - reportedly demanding payments of between $3,000 and $5,000.

The tough action angered some users. An Odex company director, Mr Stephen Sing, had reportedly received death threats from angry anime fans.

Odex said that the settlements it is seeking are not for damages, but reimbursement of expenses incurred in pursuing enforcement matters. - CNA /ls
What is this?
PacNet Wins while Singnet and Starhub loses?
what a joke. this has to go down to history. Big companies loses while small company wins.
I think the reason is simple, singnet and starhub just does gives a f*** about their user.
wonder how singnet or starhub are going to explain things. all eyes will be on them.
this will be fun.
as i say in the previous post, heng i just sign 12 months contract with singnet.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Haha. another article just for ODEX.
dunnoe leh. i nv heard them b4 until now leh. i had bought anime b4 but they are from INNOFORM leh. or they are odex? lol
don't lah.nv heard of them b4.

and dun download lo..we still can watch leh lol.

now seems like any company can suka suka check us liao..ISP gives up information so easily. jia lat. heng i sign 12months contract with singnet. seems like they nv even try to protect their customers siaz. can't wait till contract finishes..

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

fuck..i take back my words..

it's pain la...when bite...nb! ouch

Monday, August 20, 2007

not pain leh..

Wooo finally.. i put braces liao.. but not pain de leh..
maybe the metal haven cut my lips. hahha..but can put the wax ma.
the tightening also not pain leh..
but hor.. my teeth still crooked leh. i tot put liao, immediately will straight siaz. but no leh.
Yuan Lai, is the metal wire that constantly pull the teeth, then the teeth will move then it will become straight. chey.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

another 2 down.

so all four are pull out! now left the braces to be putted on. heard that it's going to be more pain than the extraction. hmmmmm. we shall
dun worry i bleach it over a day..shld be free of bacteria.hahhaha
hmm..wonder where i put them.

ADOC family day @ Sentosa

Skylift again.haha.played dunoe how many times liao.hahahhahalook at tat daniel! crazy guy. driving motor ar..LOL. SSG poh i videotaping i da quanOur madam! RF OC. yes mdm!me with DPF buddies. hahaha. ah soon and louis. bo gey liao..cannot smile.hahahahahhahahuang fei hong and daniel tan in da house!aloysius doing a SIR raffles pose!pretty mdm Aw and her family. yes mdm! our beautiful msg ang. unloading M& marcus. wanted to take one.HAHAHAHAH. heeheee =) john..why u extra siaz..?Mr marcus and ssg poh =) chilling and taking breakfast.hahaha..our RF encik chang. superb shot this one. lol

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Smooth and good!

I expect this time round of extracting teeth, will the same as the last time, slow and painful.
so i brought my ipod along and listen while the dentist is at work.LOL.

but to my surprise. this denist twist abit, turn abit. and tell me is DONE! fuck! 10 secs? the upper jaw took awhile, cos one teeth is blocking the other. but he did it w/o causing much pain.
the last time, was so painful siaz.

Dr Tay of QandM Dental (Clementi branch) freaking good la. he talks alot too. keeps talking thru out the procedure. good! thumbs up for him. next time i need cleaning of wat. i will sure to find him. hahaha.

Monday, August 06, 2007

.it will happen again on National Day.

wish me luck man..
national day i will need to pull the other 2 teeth out of my gum.
haiz. pay to suffer.. dunnoe if it's worth it.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

.Fucking pain.

those are my tooth i extracted yesterday.ouch.. sibei pain ar.
then she dunnoe how to pull. anyhow pull, all the pattern show liao, still dun wanna come out.
anethetic (how to spell?) also no use one. pain!
next week go pull out 2 more. dunnoe can endure a not. haiz.
total damage yesterday: $632.00
Orthodon - S$500
Extraction - S$50
Extraction (Complex) - S$70
Medication - $12
Going to bankrupt me....