Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh ya. Petrol Prices!!

Petrol prices going down, going down, goind down. Petrol prices going down lah lah lah..

YEAH! i think all drivers like me, must be sibei happy lah. No more 95 or 92, it;s 98 or VPOWER liao loh! hahah! Who cares about fuel comsuption now? ahhahah. 2km/l also ok lah!


then why are our public transport prices still going up? taxi is still charging the 30cents subcharge? and those ducks, rice still so expensive? hmmm..something must be wrong ar! Greed! Now my fucking dentist still charge me another 7 dollars of consumables goods ar? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT MAN! i already paying 4000+ for my braces, still need to charge 7 dollars each time i go there. PLS DON'T TELL ME IT'S BECAUSE OF THE PETROL MAN!


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