Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Singapore Paralympic Team!

Woah! did you heard that OUR very own Singapore Paralympic team WON a fucking GOLD!!! I bet they must be real happy to come back to Singapore and i congraulate them whole heartedly, THEY HAD DONE IT! woooo! GOLD LEH!

Can our heavy imported table tennis team do it? I DOUBT IT IN A HUNDRED YEARS LAH! make that a thousand! They come back to Singapore thinking that they are such pro, and they can give those stupid face to the Singapore crowd. Then crashed out of the table tennis competition held somewhere. AIYAH! I don't want to talk about them, talk about them also sianz lah.

Wah, really impressed by our own anthletes winning GOLD! GO! Singapore Paralympic Team! GO GO GO!

oh ya. y only give $100,000 to the girl who won gold? come on man, they did not do Singapore Proud meh? they nv trained hard meh? I BET THEY TRAINED HARDER THAN THOSE IMPORTS! give them a million!

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